All in a Day’s Work

all-in-a-days-work-mainA dynamic, stylised interactive dining table forms the centrepiece of an exhibition on the Lyme Park estate workers in the early 1900s.

Carefully structured text, combined with illustrated clues, encourage the visitor to discover the various contributions to the Legh family table.


Little Moreton Hall

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    This frame is placed over examples of joints and burn marks, using the building details as illustrations.
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    Focusing on hands to illustrate each craft brings to life the people who made Little Moreton Hall.
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    Visitors can create their own stained glass window pattern.
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Oak-framed displays highlight the different building techniques visible at this architectural gem.

The story of this unique Tudor building includes images of craftsmen’s hands at work and simple interactives – all presented in lean-to frames that sit lightly in a listed building where no fixing is permitted.

A tablet-delivered panoramic tour is also available from spring 2015.

Client: National Trust
L'Arche - transforming lives

Transforming Lives

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L’Arche exists to enable people with learning disabilities to live fulfilled lives.

An independent charity, L’Arche works both in the UK and throughout the world. The organisation relies on a regular publication cycle of direct mail appeals and journal inserts to maintain their funding and keep their work visible.


Client: L’Arche UK

Coastal Country Park

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Where Lincolnshire’s coast meets the countryside.

Large information panels sit between robust oak timbers – inspired by groynes, familiar features of the local coastline.

An accompanying leaflet and map guides visitors to key locations within Lincolnshire’s Coastal Country Park.

Site images courtesy of Complete Studio Graphics

Client: Lincolnshire County Council
In partnership with TellTale

Window on Wild Lindisfarne

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    The natural treasures of the island are shared in the words of the community.
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    Light bellied brent geese fly from the wall through the information panel and up to the ceiling.
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    The footprints of four animals are carved into the stone floor, each leading to an identification panel by the window.
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Holy Island’s wildlife seen through the eyes of its community.

This purpose-built venue, on the path from the village to the castle, shares local insight into the island’s rich variety of wildlife. The display is an integral part of the building, with graphic details embedded into its structure.

The main feature is a large window offering visitors a unique view of a field managed especially to attract migrating light-bellied brent geese.

Lindisfarne is part of a national nature reserve managed by Natural England and the building is the starting point for a walk round the island, identifying key points of interest.

See also Lookout on Wild Lindisfarne

Read the TellTale blog on Window on Wild Lindisfarne

Images 1 and 8 © Keith Hunter, courtesy of Icosis Architects. Images 2, 3 and 7 © Peter Phillipson, TellTale.

Client: Holy Island Community Development Trust, funded by Natural England
In partnership with TellTale

St Mary’s, Shrewsbury

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    Gothic shaped 'paddles' help identify and explain key features.
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    The knitted knight allows visitors to explore how we remember people from the past.
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    Sacrament books link what can be found in St Mary’s today with the tradition that has shaped the church and the community.
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    Sacrament books link what can be found in St Mary’s today with the tradition that has shaped the church and the community.
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Interpretation revealing the wonders of the town’s oldest church.

The discreet displays sit lightly in the building, guiding and enhancing the visitor’s experience. Recorded sound and conversation root the church in its medieval past. The interpretation also offers surprises, including a knitted knight.

There is a descriptive tour available for visually impaired visitors.

Client: Churches Conservation Trust

Dynamic Studio


Putting young creativity to work.

CDA’s creative peer education initiative for primary schools is a unique way for organisations to engage with a younger audience.

Combining young creativity with industry expertise, Dynamic Studio, provides an exciting environment where pupils explore important issues and communicate their ideas with authority.

Find out more at Dynamic Studio

Clients include: National Trust, John Charnley Trust, Manchester Healthy Schools, Creative Partnerships, AimHigher…

Patient’s Journey

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A pioneering patient information centre at world-renowned Wrightington Hospital.

Patients are taken from diagnosis to discharge in this unique display using video, audio and low tech interactives.

In addition to the key facts about each stage, patients can choose how much detail they want to access. Animated patient anecdotes and commissioned art pieces complement the factual information.

Client: John Charnley Trust
In partnership with TellTale